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Move Forward party stands firm on taking House speaker’s post

The Move Forward party remains firm on its demand for the coveted Speaker of the House position and believes that the Pheu Thai party, which is vying for the same post, will stay with the coalition even if it does not get it, Move Forward deputy leader Sirikanya Tansakul said Thursday.

She explained that the party needs the speakership to push through the party’s 45 draft bills, which it promised the electorate it would do during election campaigning, as well as the party’s plan to push for constitutional amendments to restore democracy.

Being the party which won the most seats in the House (151), she explained that there is nothing wrong with the party demanding the House speaker’s post.

As for an appropriate candidate, Sirikanya said that there are several people who are qualified for the post, but the choice has not yet been finalised.

She also said that youth should not be an obstacle, saying that individuals who are qualified, despite their young age, should be given an equal chance “otherwise there will be no change.”

She said that Pheu Thai should keep in mind the aspiration of the eight coalition parties to succeed in forming a government and stay in the coalition, whether or not the party gets Speaker’s chair.

The Move Forward deputy leader disclosed that there are still many issues that need to be resolved between the coalition parties, such as the minimum wage rise and the distribution of ministerial portfolios.

She offered an assurance that the Move Forward party will not resort to “back-stabbing” of its coalition partners and will deal with the differences between them in a straightforward and honest manner.

Regarding the party’s policy to reclassify cannabis as a narcotic substance, she said that the intention is to enable the police and narcotic officials to enforce the law effectively.

She added, however, that those who could be affected by any change of the law on cannabis, such as cannabis growers and patients who need cannabis or its extracts for medical purposes, will be protected.


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