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Malaysian tourists host luxury motor show in Thailand’s Betong town

The poor state of Thailand’s roads may have scuppered plans for a group of Malaysian tourists to enjoy a driving tour in their luxury cars but all was not lost as they decided to showcase them for driving enthusiasts instead at a homemade motor show.

Thirty-three Malaysian tourists were set for a road trip in the Betong district of Thailand but their plans were dashed because of the poor state of the roads. So, they put their luxury cars on display and allowed Thai citizens to sit inside for free and take pictures.

One tourist told Channel 3 that the motorists live in Kuala Lumpur and travelled to Thailand together under the group name NEXT DRIVE. The tourist added that the highlight of their three-day trip was the Betong Ai Yaeweng Skywalk which had just opened.

The tourist revealed that they couldn’t drive on some roads in the area because they were in poor repair and dangerous so they decided to rent some cars from Thai travel agencies instead. After their tour, the drivers decided to host a one-hour mini-motor show for Thai citizens. The tourists parked their cars in the Betong Mongkolrit Tunnel and allowed visitors to check them out, take pictures, and sit inside.

The 33 sports cars were made up of famous brands, like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Ford Mustang, etc.

Channel 3 reported that many Thais wandered along the tunnel to take some snaps.

Malaysian tourists are regular visitors to Thailand even when Nok Air cancels its direct flights from Malaysia to Betong. If flights are cancelled most Malaysians just jump in their cars, fill up their tanks and set off via a border checkpoint in the southernmost district of Betong in Yala province.

Thairath stated that the economy and tourism industry in the area is still booming despite there being no direct flight from Malaysia at the moment. Cars with Malaysian licence plates can be found at every corner of Betong.

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