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Hunger striker Tantawan’s father asks court to grant her bail

The father of monarchy reform activist Tantawan Tuatulanon submitted a petition to the Criminal Court today, seeking bail for her daughter and another activist, Natthanon Chaimahabutra, promising to restrain his daughter from engaging in future political activities.

Sommai Tuatulanon told the media that the health of both activists has deteriorated after more than 11 days on hunger strike. He claims that Natthanon is in very bad shape, appears disoriented and can barely speak, while his daughter can still talk, but her voice is barely audible.

Sommai also confirmed that his daughter is refusing treatment unless she is freed on bail, adding that he has no idea how her lawyer will persuade her to change her mind.

He claimed that the two activists had no intention to disrupt the convoy of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn on the expressway, but only honked their car’s horn.

He asked for the court’s mercy and to save the lives of the young two activists.

Noppasilp Trirayaphiwat, a member of the anti-monarchy Taluwang group, said today that the 12-day detention period of Tantawan and Natthanon is due to end on Sunday and the court will decide whether to extend it, as requested by the police, or grant them bail as requested by Tantawan’s father.

He said that the court wants to hear the opinion of the police as to whether the two activists should be granted bail. The court has also asked for medical reports on both of them, he added.

Noppasilp said that the health of the pair will continue to deteriorate if the police get their wish for their further detention tomorrow.


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